Friday, January 19, 2018


I have written another post for the Enscape blog. It covers tips and tricks on presenting with Enscape.

Whether you are presenting to a client one-on-one or in front of dozens of...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Revit Lighting Fixtures; Switching

Following up on my previous post, Revit Lighting Fixtures; Control Options, I want to cover Revit's ability - and limitations- related to switching.

When you have light fixtures and switches (devices) placed, you can specify which switch controls which lights. It was originally only part of Revit MEP, and does not tie into the Lighting Groups covered in the previous post.

This feature is mainly used in documentation. Tags are added to indicate which switch controls which lights. This is typically only done when there are multiple switches in an area.. otherwise it is obvious and tagging is just unnecessary clutter on the drawings.

When you select a light fixture in Revit, the Switch option is presented on the Ribbon.

Once a Switch system is created for a light fixture...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Revit Lighting Fixtures; Control Options

Revit lighting fixtures have two ways in which they can be controlled. One is for rendering and the other is to designate switching on MEP drawings. I will cover the rendering option today and the switching in another post.

Lights On

When creating renderings, it is desirable to have control over which luminaries are one and off. Revit provides one way in which to do this. Anytime a light fixture is selected in a project, the Options Bar shows the Light Group function as shown here.

When you select Edit/New... you get this Artificial Lights dialog shown below. Here you can...

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Last Year's Webinars

Last year I had the opportunity to do several webinars. Some were free and others had a fee. I thought I would gather them all in one place. This helps me as well, as I had to search for all the links. I do not have any lined up yet for 2018, but I own CTC a webinar as I had told them I would do one several months ago. So stay tuned for that.

Free Webinars in 2017

ElumTools Training in 2017

I also did three lighting design webinars for ElumTools in 2017. The recordings are available for purchase via this link: ElumTools Live Session Recordings.

Here is a post with a little more information about the lighting sessions: Revit Training for Lighting Designers

Friday, January 12, 2018

First Look: Fuzor Support for the HoloLens

Kalloc Studios recently implemented support for the Microsoft HoloLens in their Fuzor VDC product. I had the opportunity to try it out and am bringing you this post with the rundown. With voice activated commands, voice to text annotations and element filtering... prepared to be impressed.

First, you export the model from Revit to Fuzor VDC. Before exporting from Fuzor to the HoloLens you have the option of placing a QR Code marker in the model and then printing  the QR Code on paper. You position the printed QR code in the same relative location to speed up the positioning of the hologram in the physical space.

The image below shows the QR Code marker placed in the Fuzor model.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Evolution of Autodesk Support

At some point, Autodesk started using non-Autodesk employees to respond to customer support tickets. I personally never saw any formal announcement of this. As a customer, if you submit a ticket directly with Autodesk via you will receive the following email:

I am not sure who Directly is exactly, but the links in the email go to their website. The contract...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Another Dedicated VR Space at LHB

As part of a recent expansion in our Minneapolis office, we added a dedicated VR space! We had a nice large area previously, but it was shared and required a couple tables and chairs be moved... that old space can be seen in this Dell video: LHB visualizes architectural designs through virtual reality powered by Dell Precision.

This space is fitted out with an HTC Vive using the wireless TPCAST adaptor, powered by a new...